Timelash    –---- ––“S/T"

(Hare Akedod, 2020)

"Timelash is the freshly erupted synthesizer & SFX duet of Embassador Dulgoon (Nonlocal Research) and Corum (Psychic Sounds / Million Brazilians). Together they reveal new sound forms by playing with primeval motifs contrasted sharply against unfolding futuristic developments. The result is a simultaneous listening experience of ancient and alien settings told through their unique rhythm of language by mood-driven atmospheres, exotic tones, and electrifying sci-fi Cumbia jolt." ~ hareakedod 


Even though the labels description gives away pretty much everything you need to know about the cassette, it also worth mentioning if you're still not a fan of both Embassador Dulgoon and Grant Corum, then this collab is a perfect entry point to a prolific output of both channellers of the alien wisdom. Just google their bandcamp pages and take a nice trip into holographic juxtaposition of archaic rituals, sacred geometry, modern technologies to proceed into psychedelic exploration and further development of the human race. Of course, you may talk to some McKenna or Leary entities along the way, probably visit Pleiades and receive some cryptic messages from Sirius star system ~ and definitely will be seeing more signs and repeating numbers ever since. But don't rush to the pyramids to meet your higher-density brothers, first you need to realize that due to the holographic nature of the Universe you are the pyramid (to some degree) and you are the spirit molecule (on a certain level) and many, many other things, including this very cassette. The fact that you're reading this (yes, this) and listening to these tunes is not a coincidence. There are no such things. Only patterns, and you'll see some in this music as well.  Watch closely, while the the portal is open.


Ana Cabaleiro

Microphones in the Trees

April 27, 2020


"Voyaging, visionary collaboration between Psychic Sounds CEO Grant Corum and Chilean cosmic riddler Embassador Dulgoon (fka False Sir Nicholas) of Nonlocal Research, released this spring by Antwerp curatorial experts Hare Akedod.

Recorded four years back in Belfast, Maine under ambiguous circumstances, the results ripple and roil through interstellar rainforests and alien portals, alternately deliberate and drugged, looping electro-acoustic mirages melted by twin suns. There are echoes of 4th world-building and psychedelic ambience but in general its spellcasting is too singular to reduce into accepted terminology. This is music of miasma and mutating orbs levitating in in liquid skies."


Britt Brown

Not Not Fun


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