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Hydrorion Remnants     (2018)

as Embassador Dulgoon

Hydrorion Remnants is the articulation of a set of compositions and improvisations recorded between 2014 and 2016. With minuscule and ambiguous samples and melodic and ethereal keyboards, Embassador Dulgoon sets a humid progression of nine tracks that hatch in a chain to form a constellation of audioworlds.    It is all  knitted in a timeless carpet of folklore, ambient, science fiction and delirium. Recomposing an accident of impulses as rhythmic as melodic, breathes an atmosphere as close as anachronistic, constructing something like a futurism of prehistoric reminiscence.    Dinosaurs and extinct trees, buildings and historical sites, the ruin of the tabernacle and the reconstruction of an ethereal ceremony, corridors and spacrafts, are translated into a sonorous plasma of concentric pulsations. A whirlpool that leads us towards a bottom populated with extinct species and gentle humming. Percutaneous vertebrae and expansive bellows gently filter a recurrent and distant whistle. Towards the end it is evident the intrauterine bubbling that breeds a kind of consanguineous chimera,   the call to resurrect a musical spawn called "Hydrorion."


Limited edition of 270 copies LP

silkscreened covers hand-glued on black jackets

co-produced with Psychic Sounds recordings

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The Ichthyocentaur's Leap

as Rennek    (2020)

Rennek "The Antediluvian Soldier" reveals his creed’s deepest heirloom. Initially hazed out, this  wide-screen environment plays out like a dark micro   science-fantasy audiomovie assembled through lulling horns, wandering electronic pulses, machine clatter and decontextualized dialogue snippets.   This all forms a vague impression of some kind of free-falling paleo-industrial collapse loosely bound together for the listener through ‘The Antediluvian Soldier’s’ salvaged black box of a previous civilization.   Water churning, shifting walls of muddy sounds, and a mysterious synthesizer melody leads us to gaze into ‘The Moon Pool’ and look at the reflection of it all.   What’s left of a succession of human kind’s poor choices?   We are only offered a small glimpse into this world slowly crumbling into a thousand pieces before taking the ‘The Ichthyocentaur’s Leap’ into a primitive rhythmic return to where it all started.  

• Limited 1st edition of 44 CDR copies   in   full color mini LP sleeve.

• 2nd   Limited cassette edition   will be released by Psychic Sounds Recordings   (including    a  previously unreleased bonus track)

Plural Singularity

with Nonlocal Society (2017)


“Plural Singularity” surged from a collection of microscopic footage filmed by Siet Rae,  where organic and artificial found elements of everyday character were elevated altogether  with music to create environments and creatures of an abstract science fiction multiverse. 

All sounds and arrangements were composed and layered up in distance simultaneously at the outskirts of Valdivia by Rev. 33 and in Santiago de Chile by Embassador Dulgoon, working with the images as a score taking in consideration such aspects like  movement, material, texture, space, color and shape.


50 copies cassette  edition for the Nonlocal Society’s 2017 European Tour.

A    second unlimited edition  was released on CD in 2018.

Starcave Mèmoires

as Archimboldos (2019)


10 avant sci-folk   tracks    straight from the Crisp Zone,  the    elder shrimp council   must be proud...

first   album of the duo,   a recollection of   training jams  full of  sparse bio-industrial  SFX   and synthesizers,   no overdubs...

very fresh...   most    of this material was  reinterpreted  live    during 2018-2019 period...


Limited CDr edition of 50 copies.

Includes an encrypted map to the starcaves.


As The Braided Streamlets Run

as False Sir Nicholas    (2014)

1/4" tape manipulation, keyboard and vocal explorations channeling the ghost of  H.W. Longfellow

Recorded one acid night in October of 2014 by  FSN in one and only take.

Artwork by Calman

Risographed by Daniela Poch

Lathe Cut    by Nes

10" Numbered edition of 10 copies  with insert.

A Quest for Artificial Stellar Sources

as Rennek (2014)

36 minute piece   in 3 movements,  sounds like a  waverunner journey across  a misty dark blue waterplanet, hoping to find land where never was,    an encounter with levitating    artificial  spherical   beings is accomplished    beyond    the vast liquid mountains...

Recorded with the leader's keyboard direct to 1/4" tape ,

Unlimited CDR edition  .

Myriad Tongues

as False Sir Nicholas (2013)

'Myriad Tongues' certainly taps into a dense imaginary world   of mythical beasts and previously uncharted landscapes that only the most adventuresome dare to explore. Burrowed systems of organ tones, colossal reptile grunts, washes of native twang, shapeshifting effects, reversed sliding tendril of dangerous fauna, rowdy bird calls, heroic guitar trod, and interconnected tunnels of feedback are all mapped out for you to seek by the mysterious False Sir Nicholas.

Recorded at the temple of many faces

Artwork by illusionist Brenna Murphy

300 copies LP

Dedicated to Ray Harryhausen



as Archimboldos    (2020)

In 2017, producer and musician Nicolas Carcavilla AKA Embassador Dulgoon, teamed up   with Felipe Crocco M.D., synth player and soundscapist in Martes Muerto, to bear the duo   Archimboldos.   Their sound is a chimera of cinematic drills, exotic fantasies and sci-fi delusions assembled through heavily loaded synth and sampling layers. Sometimes ludicrous and whimsical, astounding and mysterious, or even fabled and nostalgic, their music is always painstakingly crafted and technically evocative.   Archimboldos works through a strange alteration in the notions of invention and reference,   unraveling a narrative musical journey of unpredictable melodic routes and subtly   articulated sonic deviation and discovery. An inventive serenity wanders and flirts among motifs and topics related to generic soundtracks, obscure library music and new age psychedelia, as a curiosity rover fluently reviewing a forgotten, timeless archive.   Armed with sharp and uncanny determination, the duo shapes their tracks as soundscapes that disguise and mutate, creating and mocking motifs still yet to be. Guessing, for example, an alien's lonely hoot or whoop, the viscous crawl of a post-apocalyptic creature, or the old hymns of a nation not yet founded.   Exactomondo works with the same strata of their debut LP, Starcave Mèmoires, digging further in the veins of the duo's soundmine, expanding their sonic spectrum by organizing new data, enhancing their equipment's capacities and deepening their imagery. They have   perfected their sonic spacecraft. If their first release found an orbit, Exactomondo could be   their first landing.

LP Edition of 300 copies   

issued  by    Transamericas (TRANS2002)

A Morphology of Wonders

as Timelash   (2020)

Timelash is the evolution of  Embassador Dulgoon’s cryptozoological sci-fi opus ‘Hydrorion Remnants’ converging with  Corum’s surreal sonic mapping as ‘Beguiling Isles’. The combined cinematic vision jettisons listeners through a psychedelic wormhole far beyond the usual perception of known audio latitude.  

Aguirre has gone all out to inject this tribal dino DNA double slab of wax presented as twelve expansive and mesmerizing tracks of historical mutations linking early communication developments with speculative astrobiological impressions heard as mysterious & riveting melodies that wash over dizzying percussive styles and suspenseful ambience.  A variety of unexampled sounds take shape throughout as tectonic tablature, reptilian choral movements, bubbling bioluminescence, tube calls, orogenic bells, crustacean chatter, lost continent scales, high plains drifting riffs, and primordial soup lapping splashes revealing to listeners a living mural that is   ’A Morphology of Wonders'.  The conjuring of cratonic creature harmonics resonate wildly from this interdimensional duet, emerging as  Neopangaea music of now.

2xLP Edition of 300 copies, comes with  a giant  poster...

Mastered by Caleb Mulkerin

released on  Aguirre records

Eden's Fuselage

as Embassador Dulgoon (2021)

A continuation of the  visions released on  "Hydrorion  Remnants" ––—  this time 10 musicians from the Chilean experimental circuit were challenged to incursionate together, as a sort of impossible superband, into a cartography of  5 scenarios  that were presented at first as temporary structural boards  for the  guests to interact with soundscapes and motifs.   The   musicians were locked at Mauve Zone Magick ( Dulgoon's former studio   in Santiago)    and  compelled to jam hundreds    of times while the scenes/tracks were playing.   Some brainwash  work was done in between jams  too, and pictures and movies were projected at the laboratory  in order to trigger certain  ideas and abilities  on the  gifted musicians.   After all the jam sessions were chewed and processed, all the material was re arranged,  re composed    on the strangest ways and  mixed by the embassador.  The results are 5 very eclectic and  capricious scenes that  suggests  cosmic tales on a  wetland planet,   its mysteries and the fables of some of  its  denizens.

Released by Nonlocal Research

Mastered by Rashad Becker

Multiformat release (cassettes and lathe cuts currently sold out)

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