Embassador Dulgoon is one of the several masks of Nicolás Carcavilla , (b. 1993) a musician, sound designer and producer from Santiago  (Chile)  who articulates his own mythologies from the exhaustive exploration of inner/outer primitive and futuristic vistas, composing  multilayered environmental pieces from a timeless extraordinary world  through  a wide variety of   acoustic and synthetic  instrumentation.


He is also member of the art collective Nonlocal Society and   co-founder of Nonlocal Research, a record label specialized in contemporary  oddballs,  atmospheric sounds, video  and other outlandish    archives.

In 2018 he released the widely acclaimed solo album Hydrorion Remnants. Some of his most recent  works are Eden’s Fuselage (2021), a collaboration with eight  musicians from the chilean experimental circuit, A Morphology of Wonders (2020), a double LP released as Timelash;   an ongoing project with artist/performer Grant Corum, and Exactomondo (2020) as Archimboldos;  a duo project with composer Felipe Crocco. 

Currently working at   the south of Chile, recording two solo albums to be released in 2021 and mixing   Elementals’ Orrery, a collection of cyber desert renaissance music with Spencer Clark from The Skaters.